The world renowned Young Ambassadors will be traveling to the Northwest this spring with their newest show Harmony: The Music of Life. From February 22-March 2 they will be performing at venues in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

You won’t want to miss this spectacular show that depicts scenes from life’s most significant moments, highlighting each experience through popular music. This includes radio and Broadway hits from composers and performers like the Gershwin brothers, Benny Goodman, Michael Bublé, Miley Cyrus, Rogers & Hammerstein, and more. Colorful costumes and creative choreography draw in audiences as baseball players, flappers from the Roaring Twenties, and high school hip hop dancers take the stage.

The Young Ambassadors and their live ten piece show band will transport audiences through the stages of life, from childhood fairytales, teenage years, falling in love, raising a family, and growing older. Harmony’s spirited 90-minute showcase makes for an exciting evening out for family members of all ages. Be sure to get your tickets before they’re sold out!